Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Puppy It's Cold Outside

In the summer, Oatmeal is miserable in our Tennessee heat. He sheds and pants and is generally a very unhappy camper. Meanwhile, Emmy is happy and comfortable as all get-out.

In the winter, the tides change.  Emmy gets a downy undercoat but it's not particularly thick. My little girl gets all cold and shivery so I bought her a jacket. If you'll allow me to anthropomorphise my dog, I'd say she's incredibly embarrassed to be seen in the little pink number I bought but she tolerates it like the good little girl she is.   I love this picture where she's looking at Oatmeal thinking, "Why doesn't he have to wear this dumb thing."


  1. I'd say Oatmeal also looks a little self righteous about the fact he doesn't have one...

  2. We got nominated for the Liebster Blog Award and I wanted to nominate you as well. Stop on by to pick it up. Cheers!

  3. You tell her Aunt Lynn thinks she looks positively chic!!!!

  4. Aww! Thanks I'll let her know you said so. She'll appreciate that :)

  5. So cute!

    I've agonized over what jacket to use for Shady. I ended up asking the knowledgeable folks of the Saluki Club of Canada, and the majority of them swore by the jackets of http://www.chillydogs.ca/

    Salukis are notoriously difficult to fit, as they have a very deep chest and narrow "tuck", not to mention they usually have a bald belly and little fat.

    Chillydogs will apparently last the lifetime of the dog and then some, even through thick brush and constant use. I'm waiting for Shades to be fully grown before ordering one (they're kinda steep at about $80) but the experts say I won't be sorry.

    I love the look on Emmy's face. To further anthropormorphise, you could say that she's disdainful of Oatmeal's lack of fashion sense.