Five Chicks

Jessica and The Hens

Jessica is a technical writer and does the advertising for a software company.  She is a classically trained guitar player who enjoys (along with the activities mentioned in this blog) Good music, Good beer, hiking, and cycling. If she could have only one super power: either to be able to fly or to become invisible, she would choose to be invisible and fight crime in the streets of New York. She would need to learn martial arts first. But after that, she would be able to follow suspects around and ninja kick them while being invisible. Her super hero tag line would be "Run Dirt Bag. Because You Can't Fight What You Can't See." That might be a bit long to fit on her authorized super hero lapel pins, but it's a work in progress.

The hens came home in a small tweety box on a cold stormy spring morning. They are Speckled Sussex and I highly recommend them to anyone starting out with chickens. They're a dual purpose breed meaning that they're used for both egg production and meat. They are great foragers, and their colouring makes them camouflaged amongst leaves and brush. They also are docile and do well in confined spaces if you don't plan on letting them free-range. Furthermore, they are great winter layers. I get almost as many eggs in the winter as I get in the summer.

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