Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lost Dog

Tonight, Ben and I found an incredibly sweet dog who needs a home. We've named him Chester.

We first saw him running around on the road last Thursday. And on Saturday, Oatmeal chased him about a half a mile off our property. Since then we've been worried about Chester, until tonight, when we found him sleeping in our neighbor's front field. He was skittish at first but is a really trusting and sweet dog and he let us put a leash on him. We brought him home and he has been absolutely fantastic. He's curled up in a little ball on the love seat outside and he's fast asleep.  He's already let Ben pick him up, he's quiet, friendly, and quickly caught on to the "sit" command.  

He's a bit malnutritioned and smells something like a cross between a barn and a dead, half decomposed opossum but he's still really cute.  He's definitely got some dachshund in him and looks to be under 1 year old.
We'd keep him if we didn't already have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 4 chickens, and a baby on the way... really, he's that amazing.  If anyone knows someone looking for a loving, sweet, quiet pup, who's incredibly cute, we'd love to set up a meet and greet. We promise to bathe him beforehand.

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  1. Looks like Chester found a good home to attach himself to until he finds a permanent place.
    You might want to contact Freedom Farm http://www.freedomfarm.net/index.htm as I think they have the infrastructure in place to assist with fostering and adoption. Did you take him to see if he is microchip-ed yet?